Eco Policy

Queenstown is our home and we want to ensure that we keep it beautiful. At The Glebe, we make every effort to reduce our footprint and minimise our impact on the environment. Our apartments are well-insulated and double-glazed to maintain and hold temperature and to ensure that your stay at The Glebe is as peaceful and quiet as possible. You can do your part as well: if you do not need daily servicing or a change of towels, please advise reception. This is a great saving in water and detergents.

As global citizens, we think before we act:

To think before we buy: Informed buying decisions can help us reduce the amount of raw materials used in manufactured goods, eliminate air and land pollutions, cut waste volumes and support local Queenstown and New Zealand businesses. This policy reduces the destruction of valuable native forests and natural habitats around the world.

To think before we use: Efficient use of energy, water, cleaning and office products, fuel and other resources we use to ensure our business reduces our environmental impact.

To think before we discard: Recycling as much waste as is practicable and possible can help reduce air and land pollutions, and reduce the amount of materials going into our Southern Lakes landfills.

We encourage guests to use the recycling containers located at the entrance of each car park. We have also left an additional bag for recyclable items under your kitchen bench.

Our environmentally-aware policies include:

  • Buying locally wherever possible;
  • Using biodegradable or environmentally friendly cleaning products;
  • Donating unwanted items to the local Salvation Army;
  • Reducing the lighting in some areas and the use of low energy bulbs as appropriate.

We and our staff try to reduce our footprint whenever we can. As a rule, we:

  • Turn off lights or equipment when not needed or when we leave a room;
  • Turn off taps when we are not directly using water;
  • Reduce waste by recycling.

We hope you leave The Glebe knowing your support and/or actions help us to preserve and enhance our beautiful Queenstown area and environment.

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